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Advanced Non-Magnetic Hardbanding


Arnco Technology has led the hardbanding industry since pioneering the use of casing-friendly hardbanding two decades ago. We pride ourselves on protecting your drill string and casing assets by developing leading edge solutions for ultimate wear-protection.

Staying ahead of the industry’s needs continues the drive to develop hardbanding alloys well suited for any drilling environment – an understanding gained from years of field experience in formations world-wide.

NonMagXT Characteristics

• Increased ductility, greater resistance to in-service damage
• Enables easy, crack-free application onto stainless steel
• Significantly higher hardness than other non-mag options
• Delivers exceptional wear resistance for long term protection


NonMagXT™ is a patent-pending iron-based alloy system that features clear advantages over nickel and other iron-based non-magnetic hardband products. This unique hardband meets non-magnetic standards per API Specification 7 with a relative magnetic permeability below the maximum of 1.01 per ASTM A342-3.

Arnco’s non-mag alloy exhibits a fine-grained microstructure similar to ferritic handbanding alloys though the matrix is austenitic, providing greater ductility and resistance to damage while in service.

The welding characteristics of NonMagXT™ produce a smooth, spatter-free weld deposit ready for field use without excessive preparation or cleanup. NonMagXT™ was specifically designed for easy, crack-free application onto stainless steel drill collars using a low pre-heat temperature of 200° F (93° C) in order to not harm the integrity of high-cost stainless tools.

NonMagXT™ delivers excellent hardness levels for a non-magnetic alloy. When applying a single-layer on stainless steel drill collars, the average Rockwell C hardness is 36. When the product is work hardened during drilling, the hardness can be increased to ~48HRc. The product also attains excellent wear resistance per the ASTM G65B Dry Sand Abrasion Test, with an average weight loss of .78 grams.