Wear resistant hardbanding alloys for the worldwide petroleum industry

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Arnco moves to latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Houston, TX, May 17, 2018 - Arnco Technology is pleased to announce that we are now an ISO9001:2015 certified company, giving us the latest in a long list of validations that we are a superior company whose Quality Management System provides the right checks and balances to ensure our customers are provided the products they ask for in a timely manner and are of the highest quality.  Arnco has been ISO certified since 1997 and now has taken another step in leading the industry by setting the standard for the industry.  We take pride in our position as a global leader in Hardbanding technology, along with our efforts to set the bar for product performance, and customer service.  In addition to upgrading our Quality Management system to the latest ISO standard, Arnco has raised our own bar by creating and adhering to a more rigorous testing and validation of our products than other industry players currently provide.  Arnco has led the industry in successfully testing compatibility of our wires as applied over our competitor’s wires, the first in the industry to get this done.  This testing was done using third party testing services and was independently verified by TH Hill, a Bureau Veritas Company.  Arnco is now in the process of conducting additional industry leading testing for wire compatibility over its own suite of products to prove to our customers that they are getting the results they expect in the field during reapplication.  Arnco has proven by the millions of pounds of its products used in the field today, that our wires consistently perform to the standards with which industry requires and at the level to which customers have come to expect.