Wear resistant hardbanding alloys for the worldwide petroleum industry

High Output Grinder


  • Adjustable depth of cut
  • “Anti-Walking” system (pipe will not walk while grinding)
  • High speed removal with high speed roller jack stands
  • Portable with leveling control  (will fit in a standard 3/4 ton pickup)
  • Microprocessor controlled guide system for precise operator control

  • O.D. ranges 2”-12”, tubing, drill pipe, HeviWeight, drill collars, CW pads
  • Fast tilting  for grinding on 18º taper with no equipment changes
  • Corrects and removes eccentrically worn hardbanding 
  • Removes hardbanding on non-eccentric tool Joints

Power Requirements:    480V, 3-Phase, 30A, 22KW
Weight:    2145 lbs machine, 2954 lbs with field accessories
Dimensions:    65” D x 66” W x 76.5” H
Grinding Wheel:    12” high efficiency hardband removal formula

Proprietary suspension system for eccentric wear removal (patent pending)

Benefits vs plasma removal and arc gouging removal:
No post-grind cleanup, reduced heat input

Triple your removal speed vs other portable HB removal machines


Paul Bosman
Email: pbosman@arncotech.com
Tel: +1 832-214-5208